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Reader Testimonials


 I think the people would like to have known that you are a pro musician who has played in concert halls with the big-timers; a fascinating read. I just thought that maybe you had a book two in mind!
- M. Hudson


This book needs to become a movie—what a great feeling. Good story. Thank you so much for creating this work of art. I also posted on social media, and some friends have already purchased; a few more want autographs.
- V. Rinata.


Your book is terrific. I'm excited about how your life was put together in the book. You don't want to put the book down.”
- P. Allen


Congratulations! For the past year, your book has been one of the highest-performing books that we have worked with. We want to put up this graphic on our website to recognize you!”  

- Jerry J.

Hi Michael, I'm learning so much from your memoir. Your book is timely, I will send a copy of your book to Individuals who might assist you in moving ahead—your resilience matters”.
- D. Cross 


 I enjoyed it,  I would have loved for it to be longer, but I guess it's better to leave a reader wanting more versus the opposite". 
- A Abdullah




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